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Business information:

Company name: Rengei Georgina e.v.
Tax number: 55648518-1-26

Registration number: 54360105



Data required in case of bank transfer:
Account holder: Rengei Georgina

Bank account number (IBAN): HU57 50453087-10000290-00000000
Bank name: Takarékbank Zrt.

My Story

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my site!

Let me introduce myself in a nutshell, I am Georgina Rengei founder and fashion designer of the brand. I graduated at Budapest Metropolitan University in 2018, my goal is to introduce Hungarian traditional values and culture to my own generation and for those who love to be part of the Hungarian culture.


About the Brand:

The Rozmaring Hungarian Design creates vivid and comfortable garments for various generations inspired by Hungarian folk traditions and design.

My first collection includes knitted pieces inspired by the Hungarian shepherd’s culture and wood cravings. The clothes are made in Hungary in small series with thorough and precise work with the use of strong and durable European fabrics.

What does Rozmaring (in English: Rosemary) mean? In Hungarian folk culture it symbols togetherness, patriotism and loyalty.

Georgina Rengei

Founder and designer of the brand

The brand was founded in 2019.

The garments are made in Hungary from design to implementation.

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