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"My flower-my flower" embroidered spring/summer dress

"My flower-my flower" embroidered dress

  • "My flower-my flower" embroidered dress

    On the sleeves and skirt of the dress, trans-Danubian cross-stitch patterns are richly displayed: carnations, tulips, a pair of birds - I supplemented these with my own pattern elements and my color vision. 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

    The dress comes with two types of belts: for the red embroidered dress, a red basic belt with white wolf tooth decoration, and a white belt with red wolf tooth decoration. The blue dress also comes with two belts: a white wolf tooth on a blue background and a belt decorated with blue wolf teeth on a white background. 


    • S (36): chest width of the dress 106 cm, length of the dress 91 cm (from the shoulder to the bottom of the skirt)
    • M (38): chest width of the dress 112 cm, length of the dress 93 cm (from the shoulder to the bottom of the skirt)

    The model in the photos is wearing a size 36.

    Material composition: Linen 24%, viscose 26%, cotton 30%, polyester 20%

    Cleaning: hand wash in lukewarm water, iron on the reverse side of the garment at a low temperature. 

    The dress was designed and made in Hungary in small numbers.

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